Plantain version... #5?

Hey All,

So as I alluded to last week, I have another version of the plantain for you.  I know I know, you all are probably getting really tired of hearing about my undying love for this pattern by now,  but A. I can't help it and B.  This is my blog about what I sew and well this is what I've been sewing.  So that's that, hope you'll all still keep reading, lol.


This time I went 'tunic with a twist'.  One of my many rayon blends that I purchased at PS fabrics was this "bone" colored rayon jersey that I wish I could stretch a handful of out of the screen for you to touch.  Even by force if necessary because it's that squishy and soft and frickin' delicious.  It's light and cool and also perfectly stretchy, so I wanted to make something that would be good for the spring fall seasons when I'm ready to start wearing lighter clothes and shorter sleeves but still need decent coverage.  Visions of turtle necks and tunics were floating through my head and this is what I came up with.  


Clearly I pulled through with the turtle neck, 3/4 sleeves and tunic length but I wanted to add a little edge as well.  I love a good butt-covering shirt, but I felt like I needed to add a little skin to make sure it still felt balanced and well... not frumpy. 


In this back shot you can see there is a little weird coloring going on.  That happens with a lot of my clothes because I don't own a dryer (this is a 100% hang dry household (not by choice)). I think that will probably go away if I throw it in a real dryer.  Anyways I obviously used the Deer and Doe Plantain tee as my base pattern, but the changes I made were as follows:
  • raise the neck a couple inches
  • add a turtle neck
  • lengthen and straighten the side seams from the ribs
  • chop the sleeves down to 3/4 and add cuffs
  • sew a deep 2" hem for the front and 1" hem on the back to create 'high/low' hem
  • add side slits
I wore this out to Brooklyn on Saturday when I went to congratulate Madalynne on her lingerie line launch (Congrats again if you're reading this!) and it was perfect to walk around and enjoy the day in. I was warm enough but not too hot and I also felt super chic. Anyways, that's what I got for ya today. Hope you like it :o).


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