Movies in the Park Shorts

Hey Chicadees and Chickadudes.  Sorry it's been a while.  I had grand plans of joining the selfish sewing competition hosted by imagine gnats and indiesew, but I guess I took the 'selfish' part a little too seriously and didn't finish in time... Doh!

Soo, when I should have been getting my sew on, I was actually getting my holi on:

My bad... buuuut, what can I say, it was fun.  Holi-Holla'!

Anyways, when I did actually get to getting on the sewing I chose the movies in the park shorts, purchased from indie sew, but made by Dixie DIY.  These shorts are super cute and very well drafted (from what I hear, I never actually tried making the pattern  as is).  In-spite of all of that I decided I was going to change some things around anyways.  Call it masochism, call it creative instinct, call it stupid... but it is what it is.  I had grand visions of making them open up on the waistband more towards the center directly over the pockets, doing away with the bias binding and cuffing the bottom.  Some of the changes I was able to make, but some of them were curbed by my novice skill set. So in end the shorts are really not too much different than the original pattern:


Ta-dum!  (one of my old co workers always used to say this instead of ta-da... don't know why, but it stuck. Try saying it out loud, it's really fun....Ta-dum!).  Anyways, that was the front,  here's the back:

I'm sure you all can tell there is a lil' bit o' wedgie action going on up in thur.  I had actually scooped some of the back crotch, and I thought it fit OK, but when I top stitched the seam down, it somehow increased the tension.  Next time I think I'll have to scoop it out a smidge more.  #bigbootyproblems. As it were... you can't really tell in the first picture, but I feel like the front crotch curve could do with a little less volume.  Go figure.  And since those last two pics are slightly far and washed out, here are some close ups:

You can see a little more clearly, how there is extra bulk in the front in this pic.  Granted I do appear to be standing in a tree pose, so that might be contributing, but the volume is definitely not a figment of my imagination.  You can also see that I did succeed in adding cuffs, a little top stitching and doing away with the bias binding.  Go me.  After making those changes I think these shorts definitely have more of a "mom" feel to them now, but I still think they're cute. Plus the cuff took away some of the length, and that's not "mom"-like at all.

All in all, I'd say there's definitely wardrobe potential in these.  Lastly just fyi, that jail-break shirt I'm sporting in the first couple pics is the first plantain shirt I ever made.  I used a rayon/cotton blend and it's so dang comfortable, I'm always sad when it's in the hamper instead of my drawer. I <3 you jail-break shirt.

OK, so that's that.  Movies in the park shorts, check.  Now all we need is for the snow to quit it and I can get to the park in them!  Any other New Yorkers over it?... maybe a more telling question would be... any New Yorkers out there not over it? Doubtful.