Another plantain... because I can...


So yeaaa, I think the title of my post says it all.  I have another plantain iteration for you, and to be quite frank I'm not sorry.  I love this pattern I just do. With that said, I'm not sure this was my most successful version, but that was purely because of fabric choice, without a doubt.


The fabric I used is a slub knit predominantly one-way stretch. It's super thin and the white stripes are almost see through. Because of the stretch properties (or slight lack there of) the shirt tends to get a ton of pull lines as I move around.  If any of you regularly read my blog, I'm sure you must be thinking.... really Kten, didn't you just learn this lesson with your 'neccessary undies'? 

Apparently not, buuut, fortunately I think this one still came out pretty wearable.  I used the same pattern I had modified for my plantain wrap dress hack, but because the fabric is so thin it didn't work to make proper wrap around ties, so I tacked down the two edges.  However, because this fabric is lacking the same amount of stretch as that neon floral print I had previously used, it just doesn't sit as well.  So I made a little ruched belt to cover the waist seam. Whoever said cheaters never prosper ;o)?  (I totally stole this idea from an old ready to wear shirt I had, btw).  What do you guys think?


On a side note can we talk about that pattern matching?  Arm to body those stripes are on point... and that's really not my strong suite, so I think there must have been some cutting-luck on my side while I made this up.  So even though this didn't come out perfect, I anticipate more in my future...and don't worry,  I'll keep you updated, whether you want to be or not! 

Thanks for stopping by,
                     (angy)Mike & Kten


  1. Hi there, please remove the bloglovin blocker from the link. I am already following you with bloglovin and i can't access the linked post. I also don't liked how it doesn't allow me to read with my regular browser.

    Nice alteration of plaintain. I am trying it as my base and do alterations too

    1. Hey! Sorry about that, I'm going to have to figure that one out, because despite having created this blog, i'm really not very blog-savy at all.

      Nice, good luck with all your alterations! I would love to see what you come up with :o)


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