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The Mayberry Dress

Hey Hey Ladies and Gents,

How goes it?  Is everyone excited for the weekend?  I know I am.  Here in the states we had a long weekend to celebrate Labor Day last weekend, but is it me or are long weekends never long enough and short weeks are never short enough?  Boo. Anyways, you all don't come here to hear me complain about too long weeks and too short weekends, so lets get on with the show shall we??

This is the Mayberry dress by Jennifer Lauren Handmade.  It's an A-line dress, with a button-up, off-center bodice (that includes cups sizes from A-D), inseam skirt pockets, a drawstring waist and short, 3/4 or long sleeves.  Whew... that was a lot of description to put into one long sentence.  I made a size 6 grading to an 8 at the hips with a B cup and picked the short sleeve option. For maximum slink, I sewed it up in a rayon challis. I also actually cut a quick corner and just sewed my buttons straight through both bodice pieces instead of making proper button holes.  Let…

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