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My new favorite fall shirt

Hey Everybody,

Did you guys see the newest pattern by Halfmoon Atelier??  It's called the Boat Neck Anegada, and it's 200% up my style alley.  When I saw Meghann hinting that she would be needing testers for it, I maaaay have stalked her instragram daily to make sure I didn't miss the official call, I might have even put away come deep stash terry for just the occasion as well (spoiler alert:  Creepy as it may have been, it paid off and I got to be a tester :o) ).  Can you blame me's slouchy, comfy, practical, but also has just a hint of clavicle.  What's more enticing than that right??

As always with a pattern I love, I already have more fabric waiting in the wings to sew up a second version, but I've been waiting for my job and general life to give me a little bit of breathing room to get it done.  Just wait... I anticipate this becoming a TNT on the same scale as the plantain has been for me.

You can seem from the pics, this is a half-sleeved, co…

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