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Anna Hack for Indie Pattern Month 2017

Hey Guys,

Have you ever blogged or read blogs over at The Monthly Stitch?  If you haven't you should hop on over there and check it out.  They have monthly challenges to help give you a little sew-spiration, and once a year they do any entire month dedicated to indie patterns and there are about a billion super enticing prizes.  I posted a couple one-off blogs over there a (couple?) years ago, but never got a post up in time for indie pattern month.  Well this year was going to be the year I participated and this is what I made:

The theme of the week is "Hack It" and that's just what I did.  I took the By Hand London Anna Dress and stuck my own self drafted pencil skirt on it.  I had to do a little arranging to get my darts and side seams to line up to Anna's but all in all it wasn't too tough.  I also got super complicated with some stripe manipulation, using medium weight soft cotton shirting but unfortunately in the end I think all that unstable bias led t…

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