McCall's M7199

Hey Hey Hey,

Did you guys miss me last weekend?  I missed youuu :o).

This week I have for you something wearable and functional, but I'm not so sure I love it.  It fits OK and it's fairly comfortable and warm, but it just doesn't have any... pizzaz.  It also doesn't have all the pieces it's supposed to, so you know, there's that too.


Can you spot which pieces are missing??  If you guessed the front facings, you would be correct. And just FYI, it bugs the be-jezus out of me that: 
  • The wrong side of the fabric is showing on the lapels of this cardigan
  • The hem and lapel edge is just finished by a serger. 
Tisk tisk, 'Sloppy Sloppy' is thy name.


It's not really my fault though, I was doing the best I could with what I had to work with.  The fabric is leftover from my "Princess Seam H&M knock-off Dress" and I simply didn't have enough fabric for the facings.  I thought about cutting out contrast fabric, but it's just not really my style to wear something so color-blocked and I also thought it would make it hard to match whatever I wore it with.  Gotta balance the practicality vs. completeness, if ya get what I mean.  In fact, to get even a little more nitty gritty, I had to piece my right sleeve to finish it (and by the way have you ever tried to take a picture of you dominant hand?  It's hard):

I'm hoping no one will really notice this little exercise in patchwork if I just sport it with confidence.  My next version I will plan better. Promise ;o).  Anyways, this pattern is McCall's M7199, which I picked up on sale for $2, when I went to that Joann's a couple weekends ago.  

For as much as I was complaining about the steep prices of fabric at Joanne's in my last post, the pattern sale was not to be missed.  I have two more in the wings so 'watch this space.' (Writing that makes me feel like I'm a QVC spokes person.  "WATCH THIS SPACE, cause the phones are ringing!!")  Ok let's get back on track.  This pattern has some interesting seaming detail, which is hard to see on the front since I didn't choose to do a color block, but I very intentionally switched the direction of the pattern to showcase the back seam lines.

It's subtle, but I think still very distinguishable.  It would have been nice if I had sewn the two sides a little more evenly, but ya know, you win some you loose some.  I was eye balling the SA's  because I wanted this to be a quick serger project and a fast little project it was.  In part that's because I was missing pieces, in part because I sergerd everything and skipped the top stitching and in part because I finished the sleeves with bands.  Gotta love a knit.  Lastly, my one attempt at cleaning up the exposed, face-less collar was to sew some black twill tape over the back collar seam so it would look tidy back there when it gets flipped over:

 And because it's my blog and I can, here's a picture of Mike trying to escape my photo shoot... he wasn't doing a very good job, but he sure is cute trying:

You're welcome.

Kten :o)