Plantain Teee

Hey All,

I'm back with a nice comfortable TNT and I'm also bringing back the 90's with an extremely grainy set of photos.  Kickin' it old school, folks.  Apparently, not only do you need to know how to sew to have a sewing blog, but you also have to know how to model, take good pictures and edit them. Sewing I can somewhat handle, but the rest has been a little more tricky.  For my first and third post I had my lovely fiance takes my pics.  I'm grateful and so happy that he's so supportive and willing to help, but the whole thing felt awkward and I think it really showed on my face in the pictures.  So this time around I thought I would take a stab at taking them on my own.  Sadly the only way I had to accomplish that was with photo booth on my macbook.  Ha.  So anyways, that's the backstory.  My apologies, I never promised good photos, just attempts at sewing. So deal with it people!

Aaaaaand... hello Plantain Shirt by Deer and Doe! (In case you haven't yet gotten the memo, this pattern in free!!! FREE! So jump on it! Google is your friend.)

This is the third Plantain Shirt I've made and though I clearly love it as is, I also thought I would spice things up a bit and take some liberties with the design.  This is a size 34 and I realized when I first made it, that though it's supposed to have 3/4 length sleeves, they literally come right to my wrist if not tampered with.  What can I say.  I must have t-rex arms. Sooo I just added two inches of length (in case I ever want to bend my elbows) and a little 1" cuff to give them a finish look.  I also made the cuffs slightly narrower than the sleeve so they will stay put if I push up my sleeves.  Love me some options in life!  I also decided to add a little high/low action for the hem, because why not.

Boom.  Is it hard for you to tell where my arm ends and my body begins?  If I ever need to hide on a geometric plain, I think Im gonna have it in the bag.  Anyhoo, the point of the above picture is to show you that sweet curved hem.  Hi sweet curved hem.  I heart you.  I actually originally intended for this shirt to be ever so slightly cropped in the front (I took it up 2" in the center with my hip curve) and I was going to wear a tank underneath, but the weight and stretch of the fabric brought the hem right back down to my waist.  Oh well, c'est la vie.  I guess that'll be less future laundry if I'm wearing less layers...  Can't hate on that.

So this is the back.  Very back like.  As you can see I continued the curve down and the lowest part of the hem just barely reaches the bottom of my bum.  That will make this shirt a good match for leggings on fall days. Woop woop.

Ok, last picture I promise.  I also decided to do a boat neck.  This doesn't show it super well, but I basically took the neck up and out, so super long and shallow.  Also since I was taking so much depth out, I made the band as thin as possible.  I think it ended up being about a 1/4" and I threw it on with my beloved Merrow.  As a matter of fact this whole shirt was thrown together using my Merrow with the exception of the hem.  Love that piece of metal. I finished my hem with a single line of stitches on my Brother.  Nice and easy.

I know a lot of seamstresses out there hate sewing basics, but I gotta tell you I'm into it, and I'm not afraid to say it.  I love how easy they are to accomplish and even more so I love how easy they are to wear.

I'll let you all rejoin the present day now... hopefully it won't be nearly as grainy. Later.