Most comfortable pants eeeeeever

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So these are part of the backlog I was talking about during my last post.  The Amber Trousers by Paprika patterns.  These are supposed to be made out of a woven, but I had some leftover fabric (still do) from when I made my Plantain Version #5 and was really inspired to use this pattern to try to recreate a cropped version of a very similar pair of pants I bought in Sri Lanka when I was on my honey moon earlier this year.

I have to say I rushed the job slightly, but I couldn't be happier with where they landed on the comfy scale.  I took out the side zipper and just sewed a circle of elastic into the waist, flipped down and then zig-zaged across.  This was part of the "rush job" that I did, but I think they still turned out ok for a comfy pair of pants.

Originally I was going to stream line them even more and make them without the pockets, especially because the fabric I used for these is so stretchy, but when I cut out the front leg pieces I forgot to adjust the pattern accordingly.  Oops.  So pockets it was.  I don't think I will be able to put anything heavy in them, but they give me a place to stick my hands when I'm feeling awkward, so that's good. Lol.

Instead of properly tapering the legs down, I just cut them off below the knee and then added a cuff. Unfortunately, Because I didn't properly taper them, there was a little too much body to put them into the cuffs I made, so I had to add one pleat in the front and one pleat in the back of each knee.  This was also part of the janky rush job.  I think I'll fix this next go around if I decide to make them cropped again, but in the mean time this pair will stay as is.

Look, they're so comfy I can rival my husband for best tree pose now. :o)



  1. I love these!!! They look so comfy! How does a girl get a pair of awesome comfy tree yoga pants with or without pockets??? Just take my money! Seriously though, I want to purchase a pair

    1. I'm sure I can sew you out a pair at some point :o)


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