Hudsons for Everyone!

So if there's anyone out there who knows how much time I put into my sewing it's my lovely Hubby for sure.  The friends kind of nod in a glazed appreciation of what I tell them, but it's the hubby who knows I spend every Sunday in my sewing room and most Saturday mornings as well.  Sometimes he'll find me in my sewing room when he gets home from class (he's doing part time grad school in addition to working full time), and most notably he probably sees my propensity to prewash the stash before tackling our never ending supply of laundry.

So when the hubs started hinting he wanted me to sew something for him, I didn't hesitate to give him a mean long side eye..... but then I gave it a second thought. Tis' the season to be gifting after all and quite honestly I very much liked the idea of making him something instead of finding a deal on some product he didn't reaallly need on good ole amazon smile.  And what he diiid need was a pair of climbing pants that wouldn't split in the crotch the minute he looked at that wall (you might think I'm kidding right now, but he's split quite a few crotches at our climbing gym, ::embarrassing::).  So man-hudsons it was!

And this is them.  I cut out a size 36 based on his hip measurements,  because I'm not the only one with a booty in this house, but I'm pretty sure the fabric I bought was way too stretchy because they kinda came out huge.  I ended up sizing down just about everything, and probably should take up the crotch a little bit as well, because his harness is definitely going to be hiking that shiz up.  Next time in general I think I should just size down to 34, or maybe even 32 if I stick with equally stretchy fabric. Anyways that's why the pockets are so far back.

These pants came together fairly quickly as I had just made my own hudsons not too long ago.  The fabric is a stretchy terry cloth that's black on the right side and white on the back.  I thought that the contrast made a really cool effect when I stretched it in the store, and the feel of the fabric couldn't be more snuggly (I might have purposefully overbought... ;o) ).  For the accents and the waist I just used the wrong side of the fabric.

Anyways that's all and probably will be for a couple weeks because we're going to be out of town for a bit.  Happy Holidays everyone :o).