Knit Maxi Love

Hey Guys,

So for like the first time in forever, I actually have a back log of makes to blog.  Granted it's only a back log of two because I'm generally not prolific enough of a sewer to have things waiting in the wings, but this time I do and because of that this dress is jumping the queue. Woohoo.

I even pulled an Oona and found a graffiti filled wall to take pics in front of.  You know that means I must really like this one. I was actually going to try to get pics of this on the beach this weekend when I was there for a couple days, but I got distracted by beach-y things instead.  Oops.

This dress was born out of the Isla, a peplum top pattern from Made by Rae that I was testing and had huge success with on the first try (a TNT in the making for sure). When that happens it's all I can do to not dream up more possibilities and this dress is a perfect example of that.  Ie, I immediately knew I had to make another, so an elastic waist, maxi skirt (the width of the fabric I had left) and a thigh-high split later and I was in knit stripey maxi loooove. The bodice I left mostly unchanged except for taking up the shoulders ever so slightly.

I unfortunately didn't make the elastic waist tight enough for the weight of the skirt on the first go around, so I added a second piece of elastic on the inside back to further gather it. That's why it's all ridgy back there.  It's a total lazy hack job, but I actually cut and sewed the whole thing in a couple hours after work on Friday before leaving for the beach so there was no time to unpick and resew if I wanted to take it with me.

Anyways, that's all.  The pattern has officially launched, so if you have any interest you should definitely go check it out.  In my non-affiliated opinion it's totally worth a look.  OK, time to skidaddle.



  1. Cute! I love a simple maxi dress. Universally flattering.

    1. Yea I totally agree, can never go wrong with a simple maxi :).

  2. Lovely dress, I love stripes and the maxi looks fab


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