Jimmeh Jammies

Hey Guys (/Gals),

How's everyone doing this Sunday?  Over at chez Jinx & Gunner, the hubs has the super bowl on, so that's happening in my background, but let me be honest.  Don't know who's playing, don't understand how the scoring works and frankly don't care.  Lol.  So let's talk about things I do care about.  Like what I made and when winter is going to end.

As you can see I made something completely inappropriate for winter.  Summer PJs.  I may not be able to control when winter ends, but I sure can ignore it when I'm picking my sewing projects :o).  One of my former coworkers used to have this saying "It's Kten's world,  we're all just living in it."  Usually it was delivered with a heavy dose of sarcasm, after I had asserted something ridiculous, but I still like it.


These bad @ss maaama jamma-pajamas are a set of the Fifis by Tilly and the Buttons.  I bought them along with the Agnes pattern over black Friday and they were my first time sewing up one of her patterns.  Spoiler, I really enjoyed this sew.  It was quick but with the pleated cups, not something I would have wanted to draft myself and since it's two pieces I felt like it was double the value :o).  

All in all I think they fit really well.  I do have to admit that the shorts are folded over at the top, but that's kind of just how I'm accustomed to wearing my PJ's.  I actually have one RTW pair, that are similar to this set, except the shorts have no extra crotch room to fold up at the top and it gets me every time I pull them up... I just naturally want to flip the top.  Ouch. Yea, I went there.

I made the XS top grading out to a S at the waist and a S bottom.  I've have a classic pear shape, so it really bothers me when the chest of a shirt is too big and then the waist is tight around my hips.  Thanks sewing!  Helps me bite that problem in the butt.  You might notice two pictures up that I also made a small change to the straps.  I wanted to use this picot elastic I had in my stash as the straps, top trim and waist elastic on the shorts, but it seemed a little too flimsy for the straps, so I supplemented by covering it in the white selvage edge of my fabric. I don't know if it was that the selvage edge was a little too stiff  compared to the bias binding I was supposed to use, but when I put the top on the straps just looked like they wanted to move in a racer direction.  Well I've been sewing long enough to know that when my fabric tells me it wants to do something, I need to listen or regret it later.  So I went with the flow and figured out a way to let them move in that direction.  Unfortunately they weren't long enough to do a simple X back, so I just turned the ends into little loops and fed some elastic through them.  I think it worked out well.


The only other change I made was to cut all my pieces on grain.  The Fifi is supposed to be cut on the bias, but I was using fabric scraps from my Tate top and to be honest I didn't have enough for bias cutting.  Thankfully this cotton shirting has a slight stretch to it so I went out on a limb and assumed the stretch was going to make it OK to cut on grain and thankfully I was right.  These came out with the perfect amount of ease, which means I don't have to do any acrobatics to get in them. ::Phew::

For any of you familiar with these, you'll know that Tilly gives full instructions on french seaming everything.  Generally I go for a quick zip through my serger when it comes to seam finishes but since Tilly went through the trouble, I figured I should do the pattern justice and not take the lazy way out.  Behold, right and wrong sides:


Aren't my seams puuurty???  OK, one last set of pics to see my picot elastic edges. Yum:


Thanks for reading!!! I hope if you're in the northern hemisphere you're also finding ways to pretend winter isn't here :o)