Summer's coming...

Hey Hey,

If you couldn't tell from my last post what's been on my mind lately has been Suuuuuummer. Summer is coming, or at the very least spring eventually. So as a result this is one of the many things that has graced my cutting table over the past two weeks:


This is the Quartz Top from the book Grains De Couture Hommes & Femmes (not an affiliate link) by Ivanne Soufflet.  I made it in a poly chiffon and lined the yoke with a white cotton voile.  I was slightly worried the fabric was going to cause me trouble, but I used a size 80/11 universal needle and aside from some fraying it came together without  a hitch.  If I'm being honest, which obviously is always ;o), this was meant to be a toile, so that probably took some of the pressure off as well.  Also I have made it before but it was in a knit scrap, and I knew the properties of this chiffon-esque fabric would make for a different fit/sewing experience.   Anyways, though this was meant to be a toile, I fully intend on wearing it. Every. Single. Day.  Well, once summer actually is here that is (over/under 4 months? ha).  I might also intend on making about 20,000 more.


In case you couldn't tell, I'm kind of in flowy-bohemian-love.  The last time I sewed this, the changes I had to make to accommodate the amount of fabric I had on hand, really didn't do the pattern justice.  I knew it could be better, but I don't think I fully understood that until I made this one. When I put this shirt on I feel like I need to find an outdoor music festival to attend so I can put a flower wreath in my hair and spin around in circles. Lol.


...And because I love you guys and I love this shirt, here's an awkward semi-poor quality video of me twirling in it.  Lol. Be nice:

Hope you all have  great week!