Tate Top

Hey Guys


Have you seen or sewn any versions of this top already?  I originally came across it on Sewn by Elizabeth.  She made a couple really cute versions and had me intrigued from the get go.  It's a free pattern from Brooklyn Social.  It also comes with a couple options.  Crop top or tunic and traditional racer back or squared off racer back. Can you tell which options I chose??  Traditional crop top :).  I do have to say, I was feeling a little old for a straight up crop top so I thought I would be clever and make the smallest size but take the length of the largest size.  What I was aiming to achieve was something that hit right below my belly button.  Weeellll... as you can see it's still a bit shorter than that, and I even finished the hem with bias tape to save length.  Oh well.  I guess it's good I started going to core class this year.

I love the fabric that I used for this, but I have to say, it was not the dream-to-work-with that I anticipated it would be.  I literally went into this project thinking I would pick up a cotton woven and make something with a simple shape to just give myself an easy sew.  When I really started sewing with it though I realized it must have some spandex in it because I had to go through a couple needles and thread tensions before I found the right combination.  Now that's it's done I'm still wondering if I should have lengthened my stitches a little, because there are these tiny annoying puckers along the hem.

See what I mean?  You're probably looking at this picture and thinking I'm crazy, but look towards the center of this photo.  See them??  Annoying (and yes I pressed it.  A lot.) .  Anywaaaays... on a better note, looks at my pattern matching!

You can barely see that seam right?? I'm not typically very good at pattern matching either, so luck was definitely on my side big time that day and I'm glad it worked out that way.  As far as finishings go, I finished the neck, arm holes and hem with bias binding, serged my back seam allowances (separately), and french seamed the side seams.  It felt like a little sewing refresher to pack all three into one project.

So anyways, that's my Tate Top, if you like it you should go download the pattern for yourself, it's free!!