Hey ho,

So it's been a bit, but this month has been filled with too much stressful work, bleehh, a couple knitting WIPs.. I know I know, I'm supposed to be obsessed with sewing not knitting, but whateves, I got the bug, my life my decisions, and a couple either finished projects I haven't taken pics of yet, or almost finished projects (I also haven't taken pics of yet).  So what does that leave me with to show you today?  A simple t-shirt knock off.  I had wanted to take pics of something else today, but I got caught up in sewing, and then the sun went down.  Baaaah.  NYC Fall.  Whyyyy.

Anyways, this is what she looks like:

And yes, that's what I look like when I'm posing like I'm James Dean.  So cool.  Too cool (and by that I mean total nerd). Lol. Anyways, you may have been wondering what the title of my post meant.  Well, in order to put together this casual tee, I cut apart an old tee shirt I had from a certain teeny bopper mall store, that starts with A and E... any ideas?  Yea, I'm sure you got it.  The original I had was an all time easy reach-for-just-about-any-occasion kind of garment but I had washed it so many times, that it was turning majorly see through.  Like beyond fashionably see through...and more importantly beyond appropriate see through... yea.  So I did what I'm assuming any seamstress would do.  I chopped that baby up and re-made it in some super soft super stretchy rayon jersey. 


Unfortunately the fabric I was working with were small scraps from the most comfortable pants ever and the f*ing chic'est tunic ever (if I may), so while trying to cut around the pieces I had, I think I accidentally got the bottom off grain.   Wah wah, it causes some diagonal pull lines on the back, but oh well, I guess I'll keep on eye on that for next time.

The original tee had a v neck and a tiny pocket so I copied it all, :o), but I did add a little bit of my own flare by using the selvage of the fabric to edge the V-neck.  I'd love to say that was my own idea, but I also copied that from some other lovely makes I saw on instagram.  The edges of the pocket I also left raw, and I'm hoping they will start to curl a little with wear.  

Bottom of the sleeves I finished with a zig zag and the hem.. I left raw as well, 'cause I'm daring like that.

Hope all is well where you are!