Nascha Mini Skirt- the original-ie the muslin

Heeeey Guys,

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was OK, but I wasn't entirely happy with two different sewing projects I worked on and I had to postpone plans to go surfing, so all in all even though the weekend wasn't bad, I'm feeling a bit under accomplished.  Wah wah.. how were all of your weekends? Finish/work on any cool projects?

Anyways, I don't have pictures of any completely new FOs, but a couple weeks back I took pictures of the Named Nascha mini skirt muslin I made before I used my precious batik from Minerva crafts when I made this bad boy.  Since I didn't put a full post up on my blog for that one, I thought I would share the muslin with you all...which by the way... I still have all intentions of wearing.

I think it's already pretty apparent from the above pic but in case you can't tell or didn't read the last post... or you forgot (no biggie) this one came out a wee bit tight, so I sized up with my Minerva make.  It is made out of a denim though, so I'm thinking there is still a chance the fabric will relax with wear.  The funny thing is that this is actually stretch denim, but because I was muslining for a non stretch fabric, I specifically cut it on the cross grain (meaning I basically negated all the stretch)... could have been perfect with just a lil bit'a stretch. Oh well, it was in the name of muslining dang-it!

As you can see this is not a skirt for a big meal.  That aside, this patern was excellently drafted.  There was only one time during the construction process (the hem facing of all things) when I was a little confused, but thankfully Lauren from Guthrie and Ghani had addressed the exact step on her blog and it got me through (If you ever see this, thank you Lauren!).  

I have to say, one of the things I'm most proud of on this skirt (aside from the lining, which we will come to) is that exposed zipper.  It has a little bit of a copper tone to it and it went in super easy.  I just love how it pops. 

And now to the lining.  The fabric I used was $1/yd fabric I bought in the neighborhood.  It seems cotton-y, but at that price I assume it must have some poly in it.  Honestly though, who knows and who cares, because it's a striped shirting and I love the little bit of pattern play I got to do with the stripes.


Puuurty right?  Anyways.  That's my skirt.  I hope you liked it!