Sexy Lumberjack

At least that's what I'm calling this look.  My dad said "oh I have pajamas that look like that" and one of my closest friends said that I looked like I belonged in an L.L. Bean catalog.  Ha.  Whateves, we can't all be fashionably brilliant, can we?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it (not really) but this was also created from a Made By Rae pattern.  The Gemma.  It's another great basic that works well on it's own, but it also a perfect base to hack (mermaid meets leviathan ringing any bells?).  Here's a run down of what I did this time.

I Rotated the side bust darts to the bottom to create fullness.  To be honest adding fullness was inspired by the maternity-retro-chic-ness of the By Hand London Sarah shirt.  No I'm not pregnant, but for some reason I find myself really drawn to those style lines.

The back bodice I cut in two horizontally so I could play with the plaid across a yoke (which is also sliced in two vertically).  The bottom I slashed a spread to mimic the fullness of the front.


Then I added a front placket and a convertible collar (aka a mandarin collar as the collar stand and a traditional collar on top). The collar I need to work on a little for next time.  I didn't really make any adjustments to the jewel cut of the neck line and quite honestly it's too large for this application.  You can really see it in the close up below:


The collar is just oddly wide across the back... and the front.  Whomp whomp.  As I said, something to work on for next time.

Collar aside, I find this shirt to be extremely comfy (and cozy, thanks to the flannel) and easy to wear. I also had a bit of fun using scrap fabric for the lining and bias tape armscye finishes.  Here it is inside out:


That second pic has a really weird perspective doesn't it?  You're welcome :o).

Have a great week!



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