Hey Hey,

Freeeeeeee pattern alert.  Have you guys heard of Madalynne before?  Well if you've been reading my blog for a bit you may have, since this isn't the first time I've made and blogged about one of her patterns.  If not, then today might be your lucky day (if you haven't already heard, that is).  She released a free bralette and pantie set a couple weeks ago and last weekend I just got around to sewing up Noelle, the bralette.

Now, if you clicked on the link and you're looking at what I made you may notice some obvious differences.  For one Noelle is a high neck, sporty halter and this is most definitely not.  Clearly I scooped out the neck in a big way.  For me I just thought this would make it more wearable and honestly I just feel more me in it.  Plus I don't like things coming near my collar bones.  It's weird, but that's me, no apologies.

The second change you might notice is the color blocking.  Yep, I felt pretty good about that one.  I think it takes it from functional into pretty little thing territory.  It wasn't terribly hard either.  On the half, I just cut out a triangle and then added some seam allowances.

The picture above shows my pattern changes, obviously before I cut the neckline down.  Also, for the record, not that I'm of huge support-needing proportions over here, but I suspect adding the triangular seam lines and center front seam probably adds a little more stability than is already in the pattern.  But again this is kind of just theory at this point.

The back I didn't make a single change to.  All in all, though sewing elastic down is not my fave, I can def see how people can get sucked into the world of sewing lingerie in a big way.  I have a ton of stuff I want to make in general right now and now I want to make like 12 more of these as well.  Plus I still have the pantie to sew up.....the world is so my oyster right now.

In other news did you see my new dirty (literally) little helper??  I just bought her off Craigslist today. Thanks to Deborah who sold her to me for a good price and thanks to the Hubs for helping me get her home (you're the best hubs!).  I'm thinking of naming her Aminta.  What do you guys think?

A bientot,