A little bit of everything

Hey hey,

So after the last iteration of the deer and doe plantain I made... which I guess at this point I am practically only using for the armscye and sleeve, last weekend I knew that I was going to be pattern testing for Helen, over at Helen's Closet so I decided to try to whip up something quickly. What that translated to in my head was something with small pattern pieces, and well, what's smaller than unmentionables?

Do you remember when I mentioned that I was going to camp workroom social this past fall?  Well I went, and I made a couple of bras, and I met a bunch of cool people and I got a huuuge goodie bag. Amongst other things, in that bag of goodies was a pattern for these hipsters that I had totally forgotten about.  Now, do you remember those "unnecessary undies" I made a couple months ago?  Well these fit waay better.  I'll spare you all, my booty on display, so just take my word for it. 


To go with the theme I thought I would make a matching Marlborough, which of course is what I went to camp workroom social to sew. This was my first time since camp sewing one up and it was not super smooth sailing, but it's coming along. Truth be told I still need to add the shoulder straps, hook and eye and sew the underwire channeling closed.  I was going to take a picture of the half finished, semi-mess that it is, but my camera battery ran out, right as I was about to. Maybe my camera was ashamed of it's half finished-ness.  Anyways, I'll share it next time.

Lastly, as I mentioned, I was doing these small projects because I knew I was going to get a testing file from Helen, and that I did. Mid last week.  So this weekend I sewed up her new Winslow Culottes test pattern, and she told us we were allowed to share our testing photos if we had blogs, so I'll share this one pic with ya:


Full review to follow (once the pattern has been finalized), but I'll let you know this, they're comfy as whoa!

See you next time.