Unnecessary Undies

Unnecessary undies, procrastination is thy name:

Do you ever have a project that you really want to do, and you've wanted to do it for a while and no one is making you do it or even asking you to do it, but for some reason you still find excuses to put it off?  Well I have one of those.  It's a pair of jeans.  I had a pair of jeans that I have had for forever and they fit like a glove, literally they were practically made for me, and then they got a hole... in the butt, ....one of the few places I can't really deal with having a hole and still wear them out in public. So I held on to them for a couple years (yes seriously), storing them carefully in the back of a drawer hoping that if I didn't look at them they would just fix themselves.  Simultaneously during this time I became the amateur sewer you know me to be today.

Needless to say I took them out a couple months ago, and finding that they had not in fact gained magical self-healing powers during their time away, I decided to take them apart and try to remake them with new denim. That's exactly where that project has rested for these past couple months.  In pieces.  I still need to trace them, add SAs, cut my new denim and sew them.  Every weekend I've had a new excuse as to why it's not a good time to start.  I didn't have denim, I didn't have enough time, the radio wasn't playing good music, I had new shiny patterns, etc.  Well this being a 3 day weekend I declared out loud (to people) that this would be the weekend I would make jeans.  So I got up yesterday, started cleaning my sewing room (which I do ritually after finishing a project and starting a new project) and then decided that I needed to use up my Reglisse scraps before I could start a new project. ::Ahem::  Do you see what happened there?? Bull crap kten... bull crap... either way, I cut up an old pair of VS underwear that needed to be retired, traced them off, added SAs, and used some of the Reglisse scraps.

Now, if you read my last post on the Reglisse dress, you already know that this fabric is one-way stretch.  Can you guess where this is going??  Weeeellll, despite cutting these on the bias, they are undeniably still a bit too small.  So there you go. What did I learn from this exercise?  Procrastination= No Bueno, and the 'powers that be' totally saw through my thinly veiled attempt at further procrastination.

Wah wah... hopefully next week I'll have some fraction of a pair of jeans to share with you all... and if I don't, please someone, hold me accountable... ;o)