Miss Reglisse

Another day, another Deer and Doe pattern sewn up.  I just can't help myself these days.  Plus I was gifted the Belladone and Reglisse for xmas (which I had asked for), so there's that too.  Also on that note, I feel I have the responsibility to let you know there might be one more D&D hanging out in my yet-to-be-sewn collection. Just warning you.

Despite the fact this pattern is meant to be made out of a woven on the bias, I made this out of $1 knit I got from Girl Charlie like months and months and months ago.  I thought the fabric sounded like such a good deal that I bought 1 yard each of two separate color ways and then 3 yards of a third color way, but when I got it, it was not was I was expecting at all.  It only stretched in one direction (half useless in my opinion) and it didn't seem to have very good recovery at all.  Bahhh... and so it has sat in my stash un-loved until now.  Well at least one yard of it.  You'll see the rest of it eventually. 


Aside from not having enough of this fabric to pattern match I think this came out pretty well.  I could maybe have made the waist a little tighter, but I have a beige belt that I plan to wear with this (I just forgot to put it on for the pictures, whoops, next time...) and perhaps the top is a smidge big, but I think it's intended to be blousey, so that kind of works.

The hem is supposed to be finished with bias tape, but I was too lazy make it, and I didn't have any laying around, so I improvised with some burnt orange ribbon. It's not a perfect match but I think it works well.  Plus lets be honest, no one's opinion but mine counts when it comes to my handmade wardrobe ;o)

I love these detail shots. Looks so gooood.

Have a good week friends!