Princess Seam H&M Knock Off

Hi All,

So you know how I like me a knock off :).  Especially if it's from an article of clothing that fits amazingly and also especially if I can't figure out how the original label in question makes and distributes their clothing so cheaply... hmm...

So anyways, side stepping those politics, I bought this dress from H&M this past spring because when I tried it on for fun in the dressing room, it was like my f'ing body double.  The original dress is made out of crepe cut on the bias and it fits like a second skin... well before eating.  After eating it fits a little uncomfortably.  I actually found someone selling it second hand so you can see what the original looks like if you're so inclined.  Anyways when I saw what a good fit it was a light bulb went off in my head and I was like... SLOPER!  The dress has princess seams and I figured, I could buy a bunch of princess seam patterns and toy around with the fit until I get my TNT, or, I could just trace this bad boy off and call it a day.  Guess what I did...

Yep! Traced that shiz.  As I said the original was in crepe on the bias and I used a stretch poly/cotton, so I could have take it in just a smidge, but honestly this dress is super comfortable, before eating or after eating or even after over-eating :o). Aaaaaand it's work friendly.  Love that. Love it so much it looks like I'm about the curtsey... or loose my balance... (don't know why I'm doing that, lol).

Anyway, here's a picture of the back.  I can't tell from the pics if I'm twisting, I needed to smooth out my dress, if I have a static issue going on or I got the grain line slightly off, but I think one or more of those stitch-uations (har har) is happening for sure:


And just for sh*ts and giggles, because you've been so nice to come and pay my blog a visit, here's an outtake for the road:

Happy Saturday reader-roos!


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