The Washi Tunic


So this past week, I made the very first pattern I ever bought, which I'm pretty sure was on the memorial day before this past one.  It was right before the long weekend and at the time I fully believed I was going to have a new dress by the next week.  That didn't happen, and then when the Refashioners hit this past year I again thought I was going to kill it with an awesome washi. Well that didn't happen either because the shirt I was using didn't have enough fabric.  Buuut I guess good things take time because I finally got it together and using a larger shirt I refashioned myself a washi. And it turned out awesome. Boom.  Here's the before pic.  Sorry it's such a poor quality selfie... and that my pants are like the same color as my skin so it looks like I'm not wearing any. Awkward:

And here it is now, tah dah:

There are definitely a couple of issues that I'll have to work on for the next time, but all in all I like how it turned out and I thought the pattern was really well drafted.  First off, the white stripe running just right of center drives me nutso, but honestly there isn't much I could have done about it because that's where the stripe was on the original. For whatever reason it did't irk me before I refashioned the shirt, but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Also, you can't tell in these pics but the neck def gapes.  I'm a little bit at a loss though on that one because I didn't stay stitch the neck before I started reconstructing. So now I don't know if I need to take out a couple darts from future makes or if I just stretched out this one when I was putting it all together.  The back of the arm pits also gape a little.  That issue I'm fairly certain I'll have to fix on the next version.  I do have to say though the shirring, is an awesome awesome way to make sure things fit spot on and are flattering.  My hat's off to you Rae.  I'm a fan.

I also made a couple small changes while constructing.  The first and most obvious is that I rounded out the neckline.  I liked the little half moon cut out in the pattern but I was going to make a pussy bow neck before I realized that the plaid would have made it all crazy-town.  I also decided to just cut to the length of the shirt I was using. Then I went back and smoothed out the hemline.  I like having the security of butt-coverage and it allows me to wear leggings which are just about the most comfortable things ever.  Win win.  The last change I made was to finish both the arm holes aaaand the neckline with bias binding.  Again I thought I was going to do a pussy bow, so I nixed the facing and then plans just changed.  Whatever it happens... a quite honestly I kind of like finishing edges with bias binding.  Yes, I almost steamed my fingers off several times, but in the end it's fairly easy and usually fool proof.

So that's about it on the Washi.  I find it to be totally flattering, super comfy and a pretty easy make. You all should check it out.  Lastly, if you're curious at all to see what me an the hubby dressed up as for halloween here's a teaser and you can see a better pic on my instagram @jinxandgunner:

Until next time!