Sewing Dare Part II: The Blazer..

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So today I'm posting about part deux of my sewing dare commitments.  The Morris Blazer by Grainline Studios.  Were you nervous I wasn't going to finish?  I was! Lol.  I have a propensity to change patterns around and sometimes that can bite me in the butt, plus this time I actually ordered the paper pattern and I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to arrive in the mail.  Lucky for me, it not only arrived with plenty of time, but the Morris Blazer was every bit as novice friendly as I have been reading across the blogosphere (and from Miss Gillian, the sewing dare creator herself).  So without further ado, I present to you the Morris Blazer, a la kten:

Notice anything different?.... I took out all the edginess... literally.  I busted out my curved rulers and curved all the points.  I was just feeling a smoother look.  I wanted something a smidge more conservative. Why?  Why not? I tried to take a couple pictures to show you the changes on my draft, but apparently it's really hard to capture pencil on paper.  So this is all I got for ya': 

If you guys are interested I can try retaking some pics that actually include the lapels and facings. Lemme know yo.

So this is the back:

Aside from curving the hem and lapels this make was pretty straightforward.  I overlocked all the raw edges and did a double top stitch on all the seams to add a little sporty-ness.

And while we're scrutinizing an extreme close up, does anyone recognize this fabric?  It’s the same fabric I used for my “Movies in the Park” shorts  (I had originally called them "picnic in the park"... sorry Dixie!).  When this pattern arrived I realized that the smallest size was still a couple inches too big all around so I decided to make it out of a woven instead of a knit.  All in all I think the blazer works in this fabric, but I also think a couple darts could really add to the fit…next time.  Regardless now that I have a matching shorts/jacket combo, I think I technically made my first suit! Ha.  

I loved this fabric so much when I first saw it that I bought an insane amount.  I thought it was like the perfect mid-weight cotton chambray.   Then when I started sewing with it I realized it was a cotton-poly blend. Wah Wah.  Literally the blue in this chambray feels like plastic and the white is cotton.  It makes for a somewhat stiff drape, but oh well.  I still have a bunch of it left so you’ll be seeing more. Whether you like it or not dangit!  

~Until next time,
kten :o)


  1. That looks fabulous! And now I totally want a rounded version too - Guess I need to get cracking on my third before I've even blogged my second! ;) Well done on finishing your sewing dares!!!

    1. Thank you thank you :o) Hey, you can never have too many blazer, right? Go for it!

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  3. Lovely jacket and congratulations on a) sewing your dare and b) making a suit! :)

  4. Really like the jacket without the points! Nice job.


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