Ceramics Yo


I'm going to pre-empt this post by saying that there will be nothing having to do with sewing written today.  But I assure you I am still 200% committed and like many of you 'makers' out there, my inner 'maker' sometimes pulls me in different directions, and this is just one of those times, so please indulge me for a moment.

Also, clearly it's been a bit, I was on vacation the second to last week of April and of course that put me off track sewing wise, but I was able to wear my soma, and bonus... It didn't fall apart during use!! W00T!

OK and on to the protein of this post. In between various sewing projects (many of which you saw or will see here), I did a little dabbling in some pottery.  It just so happens that I share my sewing space with a local potter and he let me syphon off some of his supplies.  Nothing like sharing your creative space with another creative being.  Here's an action shot:

Bad*ss, right? Let me tell you, it may look easy, but throwing clay is tough work!  When not sewing my second hobby is rock climbing, so I'm not stranger to forearm work outs,  but that clay had me feeling it in my forearms the next day.  Let me tell you.

Anyways, I think I made a good job of it, because all that hard work actually resulted in some things.  I had wanted to make a dish, a bowl and a cup for my cutie-petooty nephew, Dominic, and that's just what I did.  I was originally thinking a dish, but then I figured if I didn't give it a rim he would make a mess of whatever he was eating (he's almost 8 mos) so I gave it a hefty lip.  The result is ever so slightly dog bowl-ish, but I'm pretty sure he isn't going to notice. Either way, I'm pretty sure that checks off both dish AND bowl in one.  Boom. Plus I drew a dinosaur... and wrote Dominator, which is my lovingly bestowed nickname for him.

It's cute right?  So the dish/bowl (diwl?) was fun, but what I was really working up to was this igloo mug, with 'ice block' handle.  It might take a little imagination at first... but if you squint I'm sure you can see it... right?....?

The mug turned out super heavy, so I'm pretty sure he'll never be able to hold it, but someone's gotta make sure the straw industry stays alive and well, lol. Regardless...too heavy or not, I swear this mug's a keeper because it comes with a keeper.   Mr. Penguin!

But not just any ordinary penguin, with all the flooding this mug is going to get, I figured I should outfit him with some scuba gear.... Safety first penguins!

Heh, so that's what I have for you his week.  A dominator diwl and a scuba penguin in an igloo mug. If that ain't Aunt love, I don't know what is friends. Hope the Dominator likes it! 
Next post I promise will be something crafted using my sewing machine, ... but as a non-sewing related bonus, have a picture from my vacation... ahhh St. Martin.... how I miss you..