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Self drafted fairy dress

  Hi Friends, hope you’re all doing well! Check out this dress! It's self drafted and though to be honest it came out just a smudge overkill fem but it also make me so proud of myself. This was such a fun journey and in the end it reminds be of like a cross between a 60’s gogo dancer and a woodland fairy. Let’s talk about this fabric first. It’s Atelier Brunette rayon twill and I got it from Minerva the UK haberdashery. When I saw it, I just knew it was going to make something draped and excessive and beautiful. When it arrived, straight out of the package it had a sheen I wasn’t expecting, but otherwise was mostly in line with what I had anticipated, but once I washed it, it was the perfect matte cloud-like twill I had expected. It’s fluffy, opaque, drapes, but still substantial. This dress was inspired by a mix between a Zimmerman style, and just the overall feel of a lot of free people boho/festival style dresses. I have a customized dress form so I was able to drape this comple

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