My new favorite fall shirt

Hey Everybody,

Did you guys see the newest pattern by Halfmoon Atelier??  It's called the Boat Neck Anegada, and it's 200% up my style alley.  When I saw Meghann hinting that she would be needing testers for it, I maaaay have stalked her instragram daily to make sure I didn't miss the official call, I might have even put away come deep stash terry for just the occasion as well (spoiler alert:  Creepy as it may have been, it paid off and I got to be a tester :o) ).  Can you blame me's slouchy, comfy, practical, but also has just a hint of clavicle.  What's more enticing than that right??

As always with a pattern I love, I already have more fabric waiting in the wings to sew up a second version, but I've been waiting for my job and general life to give me a little bit of breathing room to get it done.  Just wait... I anticipate this becoming a TNT on the same scale as the plantain has been for me.

You can seem from the pics, this is a half-sleeved, cowl/boat neck sweatshirt that's perfect (at least to me) for lounging around but not feeling frumpy.  It also has a cross over shoulder detail that leads into the cowl and simultaneously cements that roll of the fabric you see across the neck and back.  If you follow me on instagram you might have seen me trying to figure this out with a stripped sweatshirt I made this past spring.  It was close, but now I know how to properly do it.  Whoop whoop!


Next time, I make this I want to make the sleeves a little longer so they're more of a 3/4 length, and play around with taking some of the volume out of the cowl. I definitely still want to maintain the wide boat neck though.  I might shorten it too and take the band off the bottom, so the hem rolls like the neck does.  What do you think?  Ahhhh.....I love having good TNTs to slice and dice. Anyways, there's not much else to say about this make because though its beautiful, it's still quite simple (love that!).  So I'll just leave you with one truly 'fall' picture and a reminder to be on the look out for more iterations to come on this space. Oh! Also, if you're interested I think Meghann has a Black Friday/Thanksgiving sale going on (code: THANKS17going on (like the rest of the world does).  I would totally partake, but I already have all her patterns, either because I tested them or I just bought them.  Lol, don't judge me ;o).


* FYI, this is not a sponsored post.  I did receive this pattern for free as compensation for pattern testing, but the opinions are my own to share and the links are not affiliate links.  So don't worry, if you do purchase, I'm not taking your or Meghann's hard earned cash.


  1. I can't tell you how flattering it is to read this! I am so touched! And I love having you as a tester.

    1. :) . I'm glad you liked the post and thank you, it's always my pleasure to test one of your patterns :)


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