Vacation all I ever wanted....


As always, I'm sorry for the long absence.  I was on vacation for two weeks in the Canary Islands, and then I was recovering from vacation (ie jet lag) and then my husband and I had some house projects to work on, (and I may be secret pattern testing at the moment) and all this is to say that I haven't had time to sew a new make and take pictures.

So I thought I would share a slightly different post than normal.  My vaca pics! Some of which show me wearing my me mades... "me mades in the wild" if you will and one which will show you my sewing related souvenirs.  Because what's better than a sewing souvenir, right??  

Me and the hubs in Tenerife, me wearing me-made, him wearing RTW

Unfortunately we were only able to make it to two of the islands, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.  The others, though I would have liked to have paid them a visit, we just didn't have time for. Wah Wah.

Does anyone else take close-up pics of different textures/colors they see?  In my mind I always think one day I'll make some custom fabric, but I still haven't yet.  On the left is a dying plant of some kind and the right it a rock.  Good descriptions, eh?

When we were looking into places to go on vacation we specifically chose The Canary Islands, because we wanted to be able to climb and surf... and the availability of lots of affordable airbnb's didn't hurt either.  We went climbing in Tenerife and surfing in Gran Canaria.


Our love of sports aside, there was also just no shortage of breath taking views.


A couple more textures from Tenerife


And some climbing pics.  No me mades here though because they're too precious to scuff up on rock.

I learned some epic gear placement from our guide, it was awesome.

OK, so that was Tenerife in a picture nut shell.  If you're still with me, care to take a gander at Gran Canaria?  This was where we went surfing and it was also much more green.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of us surfing... because well... water and electronics... I'm sure you know how that goes.

Las Palmas and the view from one of the two balconies at our airbnb in Las Palmas.

Fresh squeezed OJ for on the other balcony of our airbnb for breakfast.  On the southern end of the island, The Dunes.

 The beach wasn't the only place we stayed in Gran Canria though.  We also stayed at a cave house in the mountains.  It had a terrifying drive up, but amazing amazing views one we got there.

A picture from our low visibility (and extremely steep) drive up, followed by the rewarding view basically from the front yard.

These trees were all over our drive in the mountains.  They reminded me of something from Dr. Sues.
Back in Tenrife and the last night of our vacation... also back in me mades.

Last but not least, take a look at my souvenirs :).  I def don't speak spanish, ... but I figured word on the streets is that Burda has awful instructions anyways, so why not just rule them out completely.  Right?

Ok, that's all I have for you tonight.  I know it's a slight deviation from what I normally share, but I hope you still enjoyed it.  

Have a good week!