The Mayberry Dress

Hey Hey Ladies and Gents,

How goes it?  Is everyone excited for the weekend?  I know I am.  Here in the states we had a long weekend to celebrate Labor Day last weekend, but is it me or are long weekends never long enough and short weeks are never short enough?  Boo. Anyways, you all don't come here to hear me complain about too long weeks and too short weekends, so lets get on with the show shall we??

This is the Mayberry dress by Jennifer Lauren Handmade.  It's an A-line dress, with a button-up, off-center bodice (that includes cups sizes from A-D), inseam skirt pockets, a drawstring waist and short, 3/4 or long sleeves.  Whew... that was a lot of description to put into one long sentence.  I made a size 6 grading to an 8 at the hips with a B cup and picked the short sleeve option. For maximum slink, I sewed it up in a rayon challis. I also actually cut a quick corner and just sewed my buttons straight through both bodice pieces instead of making proper button holes.  Let's be real though, what's the point of button holes if you can get it over your head?  Lastly, full disclosure, I was a pattern tester for this dress and this was my test version unaltered.  There were some minor changes made to the pattern after the tester feedback, but if I remember correctly they were mostly made to the larger sizes and the 3/4 sleeves, which you can see I didn't make.


Let me take a minute to talk about drafting.  Everything came together beauuuuutifully.  There is nothing more satisfying then a set in sleeve that just slips right in but also still has an appropriate sleeve cap that properly accommodates one's shoulder.  The instructions also left no stone unturned in the finishing department, reminding you along the way when and how to finish all seams.  I don't want to sound like too much of an insta-fan-girl, but I'm always a little weary to try new-to-me indie pattern designers and in this particular instance I was very pleasantly surprised.  Jennifer Lauren's patterns don't always reflect my personal style but I've been giving all her patterns a second look after having sewn this one.  In particular I have my eye on the Bronte top, so I might just have to pull the trigger on that one.

With that all said, there are a few style changes I think I want to make to future Mayberry dresses and maybe even to this one as well.  I think the dress just about falls where it was made to, but on my petite 5'2" frame I've always felt more comfortable in shorter (as in a couple inches above the knees) dresses.  So I'm thinking of taking off a couple inches and re-hemming.  What do you think? Am I being crazy? I also maybe want to make the short sleeves just a teeeeny bit shorter (though I also want to try out the 3/4 sleeves), I'm maybe thinking of even cuffing them.  Lastly, I know I might be burned at the stake for saying this in the company of all you lovely sewists, but I do not love all pockets.  I love some pockets, and inseam pockets are just not part of that data set for me.  I already have large hips proportional to my waist and functional as they may be, I just don't like the feeling of pocket bags flapping around on top of them.  There I said it.  Please don't end our friendship over it, I still like you even though you probably disagree with me. :o)


Anyways, that's basically all I have for you, but I'll leave you with two outtakes from my photo sesh (mostly to get back in all your good graces after that pocket comment ;o) ).


Have a good week(end)!