Midi-Skirt Roma Testing

Hey All,

How was everyone's weekend?  I went to my first Male Pattern Boldness day on Saturday and it was so much fun.  I met a bunch of really nice sewers and briefly got to catch up with some sewing friends that I've made in the past from other events around NYC.  I was also introduced to the FIT museum for the first time... which is kind of ridiculous seeing as how I've actually taken a couple classes at FIT and somehow had never made it to the museum.  Anyways, enough about my weekend, do you guys want to see what make I'm sharing with you today?

This is the Midi-Skirt Roma, by HalfMoon Atelier.  I originally heard of HalfMoon Atelier on the Maker Style podcast and after I googled her (Meghann, chief, and I think only, designer at HalfMoon) patterns I fell in love with her aesthetic. Before seeing the call for pattern testers I actually bought a different one of her patterns, the Ballet Top Delpy, which I also love, but I'm mid-process of hacking it into a dress, and it's still TBF (to be finished), so keep an eye out for that one on this blog later in the summer. 


I'm not sure when Meghann had first released these patterns, but about a month ago, in order to facilitate a brand-makover and I think also to build a little more consistency into her pattern instruction across her patterns, she pulled them to have them retested and I was one of the lucky few that got to participate!  I don't want to comment toooo much on the instructions because I haven't seen them with all the changes fully incorporated, but I'll say that I found them to be really comprehensive and one aspect I really liked was that she provided multiple options of construction. I thought was awesome, it was like those old 'choose your own adventure' books from the 90's!  I totally used to love those.


As you can see this is a midi-length skirt with a wide elastic waist band, rounded patch pocket and cool binding finish that to me is reminiscent of 80's running shorts.  I love how easy this skirt is to wear and yet somehow I still feel stylish in it.  In these pics I'm just wearing a RTW tank I've had for ages, but I also really like it paired with the crop Gemma I posted two weeks ago with my beach ready Cleo.

Anyways, that's all I have for you today, but keep an eye on HalfMoon Atelier if you like this skirt.  I think it's slated to be re-released this week!

Have a good one,
Kten :o)