Let's go clubing

Hey There!

Remember me?? Kten, the girl that sometimes has time to sew and on rare occasion even has time to blog here?  It's been a rough couple of weeks over at the ole 9-5 and then I committed to some sewing projects (to be discussed later) that took top priority and I took a mini surfing vaca somewhere in between, buuuuuut throughout all of that I was still squeezing in a minute or two to pop off a quick project for myself from time to time.  This outfit was two of those projects:


It's not exaaaactly 'me' per se, in fact those shoes are shoes one of my friends forced me to buy when I tried to wear flip flops out dancing one night... like 5 years ago.  This might be the first time I've put them on since. Lol.  Either way, isn't that some of the fun of sewing?  When you get going on a project and just let it take the lead even if you end up sooo far from your own personal style.


I had initially planned to make a breezy summer top from the skirt fabric, and I actually did in fact start, but before I could finish, from somewhere inside me, the idea of a high-waisted mini drindl just exploded and... I. Just. Had to. Rightthatminute!  So I put down the tank, which is still draped over the arm of my couch and obliged.

Basically I cut a 2" thick waist band using the length of the fabric (obv accounting for SAs as well), gathered all the extra fabric to my waist measurement plus extra width for the overlap (yep, this is a wrap), added a second tie, gave the skirt a nice deep 1.5" hem (I so heart eyes deep hems) and called it a day.  It was super easy, but also super satisfying. I kind of let the construction just develop organically, and I love how the ties came out looking almost oriental-inspired.  The whole thing was a great palette cleanser, which is exactly what I needed at the time. Thank you sewing for the zen you bring to my life.

I had a lot of fun on the waist adding the thick ties faced in black rayon, but because they're so wide and I cut the waist out straight, the band doesn't quite sit flush. When will I learn??? Either way I think this skirt is a lot of fun, and since it's pretty much just a gathered rectangle I can wear the ties in any direction and with any kind of knot, bow, or other derivative of the two.  Here's my handy assistant Aminta sporting the 'side tie' look:

Once I finished the skirt it occurred to me that the only top I could possibly wear with it would be a black rayon crop tank.  Clearly.  Because none of the other 9 million tops I own would do.  So again, I immediately had to drop everything... to complete the outfit that I may never actually find an occasion to wear.  This piece came together even more easily, because it started as a muslin I had sewn when I was doing Gemma pattern testing for Made by Rae.  Don't you love it when something comes full circle and you're justified in your hoarding :oD. So all I did was crop it and then finished the neck and armscyes. It was kismet really because I think this had been one of the earlier iterations, and it hadn't fit my hips so well.  Boom, from "oh no" to "oh yes"!

You can see in true Kten spirit I eventually lost interest in putting up with those shoes, but I did manage to get in a twirl pic for ya!

As always, thanks for reading.  I've missed you guys!