70's Velvet


A couple months ago Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic organized a wine and cheese night at Kashi's fabric store, otherwise known as Metro Textile.  Being an Instagram follower of Carolyn's I was lucky enough to get word and was able to make the occasion.  In addition to meeting a lot of lovely sewists it was super fun and the velvet I used for this skirt was one of the direct outcomes of that night.

This is Simplicity 5921.  A pattern from the 70's that came with pattern pieces for this skirt (obviously), a pair of slacks, a cardigan. When I saw this fabric on the bolt, I knew this was the pattern I was going to make and it came out pretty much as I had envisioned  (pats myself on the back ;o)).  This was the first time I worked with velvet and I didn't find it to be overly 'different'.  I should mention, however,  my fabric suffered some un-reparable nicks when I ungracefully shoved it in my stash before sewing... Ooops.  So, be nice to your stash folks!


I thought the color and texture of this fabric lent itself really well for Autumn/Winter wear, so I paired it with this pattern that has a midi length and deep center pleat to make sure it would be weather appropriate.

In general I'm happy with hoe it came out but, if I make this skirt again I think I'll make one change. The pattern has a flat rectangular waistband piece and tends to sit away from my waist a little so I think if I could draft a curved waistband it would be a little better. Not the biggest deal, but defiantly could be improved.  One change I did make to the pattern this time around was I added a lining. A super sassy lining.  The picture isn't super clear, but this was leftover fabric from this cascade skirt I made back in April.  This was again to help make it more Autumn/Winter appropriate.

Anyways, that's about I have to say on this one and I guess this will be my last post of 2016.  I have a couple things that are nearly finished, so I hope 2017 will be off to a more prolific blogging start.  :o)

Happy Almost New Years Peeps!



  1. Very nice. I remember that night at Metro

    1. Thank you! Yea I remember briefly meeting, you had your beautiful hand knit black and white shawl you made :o) (I secretly want to make one just like it). :o)


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