Dehlia's Tank Knock-off #2

Hey Hey,

How's everyone's week treated them?  I just got back from my 'learn-how-to-surf" mini vaca in Costa Rica on Friday, which was a ton of fun (now I need to get good, so I can justify buying myself a little board that will be easier to tote around).  Unfortunately one of the side effects of learning how to surf (at least for me) was my thighs totally got beat up.  The waves kept slamming my board back towards me as I pushed it back towards the ocean and the fins would catcht my thighs. The result was a million tiny little bruises all up and down my thighs.  Lol. Ouch.  Well, to be honest it didn't actually hurt all that much and this problem only seemed to afflict me. So we'll blame it on my awkwardness... or enthusiasm...or both. Yesterday the hubs and I checked out a new outdoor location our rock climbing gym opened up so all in all it's been a very physical several days and it's felt great.

Ok enough with all that, you guys come here for the cloths right??  So this week I'm sharing a second version of my Dehlia's tank knock off pattern, I first made last summer. It's one of those wardrobe staples that is crazy comfy, but somehow doesn't end up looking like a moo-moo, plus it's super easy to make. Major heart eyes for this one :o):


This was last year's version in case you're curious to compare.  Last time I think I made it with some stretch rayon jersey, which was super drapey and this time I went with a tightly woven batik cotton.  The cotton brought a lot more body to the shirt as would be expected and I really like it.  I do have to say though, after wearing both in Costa Rica, the rayon jersey is a bit cooler (temperature wise).  Look at the pattern/colors on this fabric though:


To me the colors in this print are just so pretty.  On another note guess where I got the fabric.  Did you guess?  Did you guess Joanns??  I went there for the first time two weekends ago because we were meeting up with one of my old college buddies who now lives with her family a couple states up and over, so we met in the middle, in the burbs of connecticut.  Well having read so much about Joanns on all your blogs I wanted to check it out too.  I live in NYC so I buy almost all my fabric at fabric run off stores in Queens, though sometimes I get stuff in Manhattan as well, so Joanns was uncharted territory for me.  I have to say... Joanns is expensive!  Even with the coupons.  I think this fabric I got (and the two other batiks waiting to be cut and sewn) is really good quality so it will be worth it especially as the tight weave softens up with wears and washes, but I'll be continuing to take advantage of my cheaper local stores while I can.

Anyways, that's all I got this week.  I'm excited to read what you all have been up to as I catch up on my own blog roll this week!