Simplicity 1755: Check it out

Hey Hey Hey,

So I know, It's been a bit again.  I'm starting to notice a pattern here, and I'm going to avoid woman-ing-up and blame it on the weather.  I mean... common... it's summer.  That means that there are places....nicer than my sewing room.  Eek.  I know some of you out there didn't like that.  I hope I didn't just loose any of my followers, because quit frankly there are only a couple of you out there. Lol. That being said I do think it's fair to point out that I also spent a larger amount of time on this make than I do normally.  First of all there's this:

PLAID!  Lots and lots of plaid people.  I follow the monthly stitch on bloglovin and I noticed this month's challenge was "check it out" so I decided to play along.  I've had this fabric in the stash for a bit so I figured now would be the perfect time to get a snippin'.  The fabric itself was mostly easy to work with, but I obviously wanted to make sure everything lined up properly.  As you can see I almost succeeded, but somehow the horizontal center waist seam went off kilter.  It was a big disappointment when I first realized but now I'm over it.  Egh, can't win 'em all.  At least it's still nice out ;o).

Secondly, if you know this pattern, you may have noticed that this is not the skirt that comes with it.  The actual skirt to the pattern is a full shirt with knife pleats to boot.  I've seen many super cute versions on other peoples blogs, but I was worried all those knife pleats melding with my plaid fabric was going to make people motion sick when I walked toward them.  Drafting this skirt should have been easy, but you know things always take longer than expected...or they do for me anyways.

Thirdly it's fully lined. I have never fully lined anything before, only interlined.  Can I get a whoop whoop?!  So really... in my book, this counts as two makes.  Lol, I know how ridiculous that must sound to all of you out there who make proper clothes with proper linings all the time.  Truly I am in awe of all of you who exist in that camp.  Hat's off t'ya.

So as with every make, I went through waves  of, "Omg I'm going to love this" to "Omg is this going to fit over my butt?!" to "Am I done yet??" to "...this is so much look", but in the end I think it turned out ok.  I wasn't sure when I cut and sewed the black collar that I fully liked it and I'm still on the fence with that one (so I would appreciate any input.  Bueller?).  In truth I'm telling myself I can always change it later if I really want to (sometimes that's enough to satiate my concerns).  I'm also thinking, a plaid collar might be similar to that of plaid knife pleats, so maybe the grass is always greener.  

Lastly, I was also supposed to put a button closer on the front collar, but I'm liking the less stuffy feel of having it open.  Truth be told it fits spot on if the collar is closed as intended, and it creates a little room in the bust when not, but whateves I think I'm going to leave it open anyways.  Whelp, that's about it on this dress.  I'll leave you with one more lining shot for the road (that's a hand stitched waist seam yo..):