Dehlias tank knock off

Hey All,

So I didn't think I was going to have anything to blog about after this past weekend, because I spent the whole last week and this past weekend stressing out about a big presentation I had to do for work today, but I found myself tracing a RTW tank I had on saturday afternoon anyways.  I guess even though I thought sewing would be the straw that broke my over-stressed back so to speak it somewhat saved the day and took my mind off of the impending presentation-doom.  In fact I was so focused I started and finished the knock off in an evening and a morning and was wearing the tank by Sunday afternoon.  Here she is:

Anybody recognize that fabric?  I made my first plantain tee out of it and sported that version with my Movies in the Park shorts.  Anyways, I must have purchased a couple yards when I got it because there was enough to get this tank out and it still looks like I have plenty more.  Have a back view:

This picture cracks me up, because not only did my fiances leg make it in the picture (hi hairy leg), but so did my third (free-loading) roommate's butt (hi fury butt).  Michael the cat.  Freeloader. Can't a girl get some photo-bomb free picture action??

Anyhoo, the tank is as comfortable as can be.  The fabric is super stretchy, slinky and light weight and the tank I copied is fitted up top but easy breezy down below. A perfect summer staple. As the whole thing was a crutch to keep me sane leading up to my stressful presentation, the insides are a little messy because I wasn't really concentrating on perfection, so much as loosing myself in the distraction.  But, hey, no one sees the inside anyways right?!  OK That's all for now.  Later!


  1. How did your presentation go??

  2. How did your presentation go??

    1. It went alright, thanks for asking! I think people enjoyed the content, but to be honest with you, I was just glad I made it through the whole thing without spontaneously combusting from nerves :).


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