The Age of Innocence 'Tank'

Hey Peeps,

How's it hanging?  Anyone working on any interesting projects right now?  Anyone working on any non-interesting project right now?  Those count too!

I just finished up the Age of Innocence tank by Wenlan Chia of Twinkle Sews.  I bought this book in like... 2011...2012? It was right after I first got my sewing machine, but before I was really willing to sew from patterns.  So needless to say, purchasing the book at the time was a little preemptive, but I finally got my act together and sewed up a (hopefully soon to be) summer staple so all's well that ends well. Right people? Right. OK.  So here she be:

I came into this make telling myself I was just going to follow the pattern for once.  But... apparently I don't even listen to myself, because I was again soon armed with pencil, scissors and ruler in hand.  In my defense though, the pattern pieces are huuuuuge.  I think I took something like 6' inches off the bottom and then decreased the number of pleats on the top of the front and back of the shirt by 4 each?  In the original pattern, Wenlan has you attach the bottom of the face fabric to the bottom of the lining and then add elastic.  So basically those six inches and 8 extra pleats I took off the bottom and top would have been put toward volume.  'Bubble' just wasn't the 'look' I was going for.  To be honest for most part excessive volume never is.  So after chopping off those extra inches I left the outer and inner layers separate so they could just lay flat.  Of course the remaining pleats at the top still add a little volume, but just a smidge.  Much more up my alley.

Then there's the back:

Ignore the fact that I  seem to be standing crooked.  I don't know why I'm doing that...  What I really wanted to point out is that I clearly turned this tank into a halter.  That wasn't so much because I preferred a halter over a tank, but because the straps were too short and I just didn't have it in me to redo 'em.  So halter it was. Boom.  Problem-Solvers-of-Lazy-Sewers-Coalition, here I come!

All in all I think the pattern turned out pretty darn cute If I do say so myself!  I like that it's got the peek-a-boo front, and it's a good opportunity to do a little fabric mix and match.  Oh and speaking of fabric, the lining is made out of a black rayon, that was not the easiest fabric in the world to work with and the outer layer is a yellow and charcoal tie-dye, netting, that was a dreeeaam.  The netting has no need of finishing, so all edges were left raw.  Love short-cuts:)

Your turn.  Time to dish the dirt on your makes.  Any twinkle sews material?  Any tanks turned halters? I think I might try the "Love in the Afternoon" dress from the same book next.  Perhaps with leftover chambray from my "Picnic in the Park Shorts."