Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge!

Hi blog world, 

So as you all know, I am clearly in the middle of working on something that has huge pattern pieces and is going to be made out of sheer fabric.  That is indeed still the case and to prove to you that I'm not lying, I'm just extremely slow, here's a picture of that same pattern piece a little further along in the process:

Look at that draping action!  That's a whole-lot-a pleats my friends... and if I told you I only had to redo them 4 times, I would be lying because it was more like 8..?  Maybe even more.  There's no shame in novice-game.  Anyways, this is still ongoing and further complicated by the fact that I will most certainly need to put something opaque under that skirt. As convenient as it would be to be some super starlet that can get away with wearing clothes that don't cover anything... that just ain't who I am. Oh yea, and there's the other half of the skirt.... and the bodice... and the linings for all those pieces as well.  So I suspect this project will continue on for just a wee bit longer.

However, what won't be continuing on for any bit longer is my submission for the "Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge"!
This is a project I whipped up this past fall for Mr. Castle, my friend's dog.  I was fortunate enough to take a canine pattern making class over the summer.  Yes I know... you're all like "Whaaa?"  Yep you read correctly, it was a doggie-pattern making class and it was at FIT to be exact. It was also lots of fun, just FYI. Anywwaaays when one of my dearest friends heard, she was quick to put in an order for a hunting coat for her furry friend who gets quite cold come walk time in the winter.  This particular friend, while close enough to ask for just about any favor, had also recently helped me get my 1930s, antique, heavy-as-whoa, connected to a table, merrow sewing machine from a craig's list stranger, into her pick up truck, back to my place and up a flight of stairs to where it now lives in my sewing room. So, when she asked for a little hunting jacket with 4 leg holes this fall I thought that seemed pretty reasonable all things considered.  So this is what I made:

Please excuse the quality of this picture and all pictures to follow.  Unfortunately, following a friend's dog around with an iphone and begging him to sit still so I can capture his handsomeness in his new coat is no easy task.  Another close up of the  hood:

This coat it self-drafted based on measurements my friend texted me (unfortunately she lives hours and hours away, thus there was no fitting to be had), so I was pleased when this came out pretty well. Truth be told the hood is just a little bit too snug to properly fit on his head, but whatever, it's dang cute anyways!  Also, sadly, I forgot to take a picture, but this hood is detachable (it's buttoned on) and I made a collar that can go in it's place... you know, in case he's aiming for a less casual look.  I love me some multi-purpose outfits...even for dogs.  Anyways, back to the hood.  I outfitted it with little pull strings (clearly I didn't know it was already going to be quite snug) and a visor  which I quilted for stability and aesthetics.  CB has a seam (look at that pattern matching!) in which I put a little opening for his leash to attach to his harness.  Here's one more poorly lit photo for good measure:

So anyways... when I started this blog (ie. last week) I intended it to be all future makes, and most entirely sewing for humans.  But then I came upon the "Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge" hosted by Carlee, Sophie-Lee and Tanya of Sew Cook Garden Repeat, Two Random Words, and Mrs. Hughes. and I said to myself.... "Prizes?  I want prizes! I've made a dog clothes before!!" and here I am, already straying from my goals.  So blog following-community... if you're out there and reading my blog please do keep your fingers crossed for me and if you sew, maybe you want to take a stab at entering as well.  The challenge is not limited dog clothes, it can also be dog themed clothes for people.


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