I made Pants!

Heeeelloooo sewing-blog-world.  It's official, after stalking many of your blogs (sorry... maybe... not really... I have a long commute people) for the last 6 months or maybe even more, I have decided that I too am going to do what all the cool kids are doing and start documenting my long trail of trial and error on the path to seamstress nirvana.  Today marks my first blog entry and with that I'll share with you all a picture of my very first make of 2015 and my very first pair of real me-made pants!

What makes pants real you ask?  I mean pants that I don't plan on wearing to bed.  Sooo...without further ado, I present to you my Jamie Jeans by Named, which in my case, are most obviously not jeans, but navy khakis:

Can you say, hello bed head?  Hi bed head!  Sorry... sometimes bed head happens, especially on Saturday mornings when I'm excited to get pics of my new make. Regardless I think this is a good picture of how the pants came out.  I made the size 2 and then took a 1/2" off the sides of the hips and graded down to a 1/4" off the calves.  There's nothing I hate more than clothes that are supposed to be fitted but feel baggy.  As I mentioned earlier this was really my first pair of legit pants, so I waited until late in the process to fit them.  Since they were already mostly together at that point I had to take the extra completely out of the side seams.  Next time I would prefer to split the decrease between the side and inseam if possible.  You can also see I have the "cat whisker" wrinkle effect across the front:

I've read on other people's blogs that this can either be because the pants are too tight or the waist through hip section is too long.  I think my wrinkles might be due to the later, but I don't think it makes them unwearable.  Another thing to keep in mind next time around I guess.  Lastly I took off about 4" from the length before I even cut into the fabric.  This is a perfect example of a mistake I would make.  I held my traced off pattern piece against my leg and just took off the over flow and then added back the hem allowance.  I must have been holding the pattern piece too low on my leg though because once I had everything all sewn up, there was literally nothing to turn up unless I wanted high waters. .....so what did I do?  Expert tailors and seamstresses out there... I'm going to need you to cover your eyes, because I am ashamed of how ridiculous this is.  Eyes covered? OK...  I faced the ankles!  I drafted little 1" (+ SAs) facings and overlocked that sh*t right on. Once connected I flipped them in and tacked them to the inseam and side seam to keep them out of the way.  I still have to be careful when I slip my feet in but all in all you can't really tell something went awry and it looks better than pants that are slightly too short! Alright and now to the booty shot:
For those of you Jamie Jean connaisseurs out there,  you'll notice I made a couple design changes as well.  No pockets!... and no button or belt loops for that matter.  The pockets I nixed and the button I replaced with a hook and eye, because I think that makes them look less casual and gives them more business casual potential. As for the belt loops... I was just too lazy.  Maybe I'll add them one day.  Maybe.  The one problem with nixing the pockets is panty-line-land invading my picture (and day), but whatevs.  Now you know I wear underwear.  I'm sure you're all shocked and aghast at the concept. First world problems my friends.  Regardless of all the above, I think they came out pretty well.  ::Pats myself on the back::

Lastly my goal for 2015 (besides starting this blog) is to make one wearable garment per month.  This was my January project.  If you're curious, here is a sneaky peek of my Feb project:
Anyone know what pattern that giant oddly shaped piece belongs to? Anyone else use random objects to hold their pattern pieces in check? Ha.